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What We Do

Learning Sciences International combines instructional strategies grounded in deep research with advanced web-based technology. We provide research-based professional development, customized initiatives, personalized e-learning, on-site training, research services, and supplementary resources to teachers, leaders, schools, and districts.


Why We Do It

As education professionals, we are interested in one thing only: helping educators deepen student learning through their own growth and development.

Student achievement is directly linked to teacher effectiveness. We enable teachers and entire education systems to easily and accurately measure and manage their own effectiveness and professional development. With powerful, standards-driven instructional strategies, leadership coaching, and formative assessment techniques, educators and leaders get a clear picture of the impact they have and what they need to do to help all students succeed in today’s increasingly demanding learning environment.

Who We Are

The Learning Sciences Team

Founded by former university faculty and researchers, Learning Sciences International employs only the most highly qualified professionals—with extensive real-world classroom experience. Our talented team includes skilled practitioners, subject matter experts, curriculum directors, instructional and multimedia designers, writers, animators, voice artists, audio and system engineers, programmers, project managers, and customer support personnel.

Meet the Faculty


We also partner with renowned institutions, educational service agencies, and the nation’s leading authors and experts in education research, including:

  • Robert Marzano
  • Dylan Wiliam
  • Wilkes University
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • Reading First
  • ASCD
  • LSI is the Technical Assistance and Redevelopment provider for Florida School District’s Teacher Evaluation

Michael D. Toth, CEO

Learning Sciences International

Michael D. Toth, CEO

Michael D. Toth is founder and chief executive officer of Learning Sciences International. Formerly the president of the National Center for the Profession of Teaching, a university faculty member, and director of research and development grants, Mr. Toth transformed his university research and development team into a company that is focused on leadership and teacher professional growth and instructional effectiveness correlated to student achievement gains.

Mr. Toth is actively involved in research and development, gives public presentations, and advises education leaders on issues of leadership and teacher effectiveness, school improvement, and professional development systems. He is author of Who Moved My Standards. He is co-author, with Dr. Robert J. Marzano, of Teacher Evaluation That Makes a Difference: A New Model for Teacher Growth and Student Achievement and with Dr. Beverly Carbaugh and Dr. Robert J. Marzano of School Leadership for Results: Shifting the Focus of Leader Evaluation.

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