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for educator growth.

Our Mission - Learning Sciences International

To empower K-12 leaders to reimagine school success and achieve sustainable school performance.

We work with school districts to create a culture of rigorous instruction focused on successful classroom learning, affirmed through human-centered research, metrics, and programs that revitalize classroom instruction and student learning.

Our Commitment


Learning Sciences’ foremost focus is to work with school and district leadership to transform classrooms from low rigor to high rigor, while ensuring that our approach is supported by research. Our teams commit to deep implementation of programs and services, founded on accountability and measured outcomes for both partners.


Strengthening core instruction begins with balanced assessment and techniques to make learning visible. We believe that leading indicators have a causal relationship with teacher and student performance.Our pedagogy is anchored in research, providing us with a feedback loop of information to ensure proper and successful implementation.


Learning Sciences is a dedicated partner for school districts committed to success. We deliver deep implementation of research-based programs that foster self-sustaining improvement for years to come.Failure is never an option once we commit to measurable results for a school district.

Who We Are

The Learning Sciences Team

Founded by former university faculty and researchers, Learning Sciences International employs only the most highly qualified professionals—with extensive real-world classroom experience.

Meet the Faculty

Michael D. Toth, Founder and CEO

Michael D. TothFormerly the president of the National Center for the Profession of Teaching, a university faculty member, and director of research and development grants, Mr. Toth transformed his university research and development team into a company that is focused on leadership and teacher professional growth and instructional effectiveness correlated to student achievement gains.

Mr. Toth is actively involved in research and development, gives public presentations, and advises education leaders on issues of leadership and teacher effectiveness, school improvement, and professional development systems. He is author of Who Moved My Standards. He is co-author, with Dr. Robert J. Marzano, of Teacher Evaluation That Makes a Difference: A New Model for Teacher Growth and Student Achievement and with Dr. Beverly Carbaugh and Dr. Robert J. Marzano of School Leadership for Results: Shifting the Focus of Leader Evaluation.

Proven Success

  • Dramatic results achieved in one school year
  • Partnerships with districts nationwide
  • Taking schools from good to great
  • Federally recognized research
  • Nationally supported and trusted by states
  • Broad experience and wide reach

What began as a small university research and development team is now a leading provider of services and solutions for schools and districts throughout the United States.

School & District Solutions

Implementation of comprehensive and sustainable approaches to school improvement.

Professional Development

Innovative PD focused on coaching and sustained collaboration for long-term growth.


Easy-to-use tools to track teacher and student learning and growth in real time.


Developing and testing the most powerful ways to transform student learning.


Publications of world-renowned authors in K-12 education on a wide range of topics.


Higher education opportunities through online graduate-level degree programs.

We partner with renowned institutions, educational service agencies,
and the nation’s leading authors and experts in education research,
developing specialized centers to provide powerful training and services.

Our Centers

Dr. Robert J. Marzano

Learning Sciences
Marzano Center

Foster growth in teachers and leaders. Drawing from the work of Dr. Robert J. Marzano, the nation’s leading expert on instructional strategies, we provide educator and leader growth systems.

Dr. Dylan Wiliam

Learning Sciences
Dylan Wiliam Center

Dr. Dylan Wiliam, the leading expert on formative assessment, provides research-based professional development programs to accelerate learning and improve pedagogy and teacher collaboration.

Our many partnerships in research and implementation have also included:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | The Wallace Foundation | ASCD | Des Moines Public Schools | Detroit Public Schools | Florida Atlantic University | Florida Department of Education | Kingsley Area Schools | Orange County Public Schools | Pennsylvania Department of Education | Pinellas County Schools | Princeton Public Schools (MN) | Reading First | The School District of Palm Beach County | Traverse Bay Area Independent School District | Wilkes University

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