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Amber Rutherford

Amber Rutherford, MSEd, works closely with Dr. Robert Marzano in designing content for professional development for an international audience with a particular focus on Common Core State Standards and teacher evaluation. She is a notable speaker and leads professional development throughout the nation in districts that are implementing Marzano evaluation models.

Ms. Rutherford received her Master of Science in Education from Fitchburg State College and has been a successful teacher, coach, public school administrator, and certified observer in the Marzano models. As a PLC consultant, she developed PLC implementation plans that significantly raised student achievement. Her experience and commitment as a practitioner and leader in public schools guides her research in educator development for diverse populations.

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As I read Identifying Critical Content, I reflected on my own stories and practice
and was able to make real connections. Afterward, I was able to walk away with a
solid understanding of the topic and techniques I could use immediately and
ideas on how to monitor these techniques. As a charter school designer and
soon to be leader, I will use this with my faculty and individual teachers.
Jessica Waters, 2013 Rhode Island Teacher of the Year
I knew just a few pages into the manuscript exactly how I could use its contents to
grow in my profession. I learned a great deal about effective delivery of critical
content, am now able to better identify potential mistakes, and have a new toolkit
full of monitoring strategies.
Tiffany Richard, 2012 Kansas Teacher of the Year
Identifying Critical Content grabs your attention and holds it because the ‘examples’ and ‘nonexamples’ ring so true to me as a lifelong practitioner. I can hear and see my colleagues and myself in the narrative.
Maryann Woods-Murphy, 2009 New Jersey Teacher of the Year

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