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Publish with Learning SciencesLearning Sciences International is looking for bright and talented writers with a penchant for research and educational breakthroughs. As education professionals, we are interested in one thing only: helping educators deepen student learning through their own growth and development.

Our publications are known for their instructional strategies grounded in deep research and insightful perspectives from educators for educators. We look for innovative ideas and practical tools for teachers, coaches, leaders, and all roles in between.

We are committed to diversity in our authors. Writers from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to submit.

If you have a book you’d like us to consider for publication, we want to hear from you. Check out our submission guidelines below, and submit a complete book proposal, including answers to each question.

You may send a hard copy of the proposal and accompanying material to:

Book Acquisitions
Learning Sciences International
1400 Centrepark Boulevard, Suite 1000
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401


Or you may e-mail the materials as a Word attachment to the Acquisitions Editor. If you e-mail the proposal, please put “Book Proposal:” and your last name in the subject line.

Book Proposal Guidelines

About the Book

  1. What is the working title of the book? How important is this title?
  2. Have you included a detailed description of each chapter?
  3. Have you included a brief description of all additional elements such as special features, exercises, worksheets, figures, charts, appendixes?
  4. Have you included sample chapters?
  5. Have you included a resume or CV of every participating author?



  1. What is the overall purpose of the book? What will it help K-12 educators do, improve, understand, or implement?
  2. Why is a new book on this topic needed at this time? What new contribution does this book make to the topic?
  3. How would you characterize the book? How classroom-ready and practical is it? Does it shed new light on a topic? Does it develop a theory?
  4. What is the key research foundation of the book?
  5. Will you include case studies in the book? If so, briefly explain.
  6. Would the book be useful for college courses? If so, what courses? Provide examples of colleges offering these courses.
  7. What is the estimated number of words in the full manuscript? or What is the estimated number of pages in the full manuscript, assuming 250 words per manuscript page?


Schedule and Timing

  1. How long will it take you to complete the first full draft of the book?
  2. How soon must the book be published to be timely?
  3. How soon will the content become dated?
  4. Is there a need to do regular updates? Why? How often?


Review/Comments by Experts

  1. What thought leaders/educators have reviewed your proposal or manuscript? What were their comments? May we contact them if we have additional questions?


Knowledge Base and Expertise of the Author(s)

  1. What is the research/surveys/reports that provide the foundation to the book? Briefly describe any relevant special studies or previous work.
  2. What are your credentials or expertise in the proposed topic? What do you bring to the contents that others may not?


Target Audience

  1. Describe the target audience and the secondary audience (if any) for the book.
  2. How will the book benefit the target audience and the secondary audience? In other words, why would they want/need to read the book? Be specific.



  1. In the past 24 months, what conferences/workshops and other venues have you spoken/presented? How large are your audiences?
  2. Do you provide training in areas covered by the book? Please provide recent examples.
  3. Provide details about the frequency and following of your professional social media activities (include information about how you use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, your professional website, etc.).
  4. Give the names of other prominent individuals/thought leaders who might endorse your work and/or provide a foreword to the book. Do you know these individuals personally or professionally?
  5. In terms of the marketing and sales of the book, what are your expectations of LSI for the book? In other words, what would you like to see LSI do to promote and sell your book? How will you determine the level of success of the book?
  6. Describe your marketing or promotional capabilities or plans that you have for the book.


Competitive and Related Books

  1. Understanding how your book fits into the broader competitive landscape is important. Please list books that cover the same (or similar) subject as yours. What are the titles, publishers, prices, and authors of these comparable books published within the last 3 years?
  2. Describe the contents of each book and the difference between your proposed book and the others.


Note: Double blind, external reviews may be conducted for book proposals. Please allow 4-8 weeks for a detailed response from LSI.