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Tracy Ocasio

Tracy Ocasio, EdD, was a successful assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction and a principal before joining Learning Sciences International. With more than 25 years in education that includes experience as an English as a Second Language teacher, reading specialist, English teacher, instructional support teacher, elementary classroom teacher, and preschool teacher, Dr. Ocasio is able to relate her experience in early childhood education through grade 12 to her work as a staff developer. Dr. Ocasio also incorporates this background into her writing for the Learning Sciences Marzano Center blog. Her professional career includes teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as working as a crisis intervention/emergency services unit supervisor. Her educational background includes a doctorate in Reading and Language Development and Educational Leadership. Her graduate level education includes a master’s degree in Public Administration.

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Beneficial to even the most experienced and effective teachers, Examining Reasoning aids teachers in helping their students recognize and understand their mistakes in reasoning. This book is a valuable professional-development tool to use as a springboard to improve teaching performance.
Amanda J. Bush, 2014 Florida Teacher of the Year finalist
Examining Reasoning is written in teacher-friendly terms, and the techniques to
achieve deeper student reasoning make a significant contribution to the teacher’s
primary toolkit.
Mary Lu Hutchins, 2009 West Virginia Teacher of the Year
With Examining Reasoning, often I found myself stopping and jotting down ideas that I will use in my own classes, ideas that I am certain will make my students better writers and thinkers.
Aaron Sitze, 2013 Oregon Teacher of the Year finalist

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