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California 2015–16 Educator Effectiveness Funding Program (SB-77 Section 58)

Great News for California Schools! California’s State General Fund showed a surplus in 2015, leaving an extra $500 million for pre-K–12 administrators and teachers to use for professional development. Even better, the 2015–16 Educator Effectiveness Funding Program (SB-77 Section 58) specifies that any California district, charter school, county education office, and state special school may be all eligible to receive a portion of those funds:

  • $10 million to help to local educational agencies improve network management
  • $490 million for programs and services that focus on educator effectiveness

Further, the bill states that the $490 million can cover:

  • Support and mentoring to help beginning teachers and administrators meet induction requirements and teach or lead effectively
  • Coaching and professional development for teachers who need improvement or additional support
  • Teacher and administrator professional development aligned to the content standards
  • Training for certificated mentors and coaches to support effective teaching and learning

Most of the funding was just released with the remainder to drop in March 2016. The CDE allows for a great deal of flexibility in how the funds are spent. As long as all of the guidelines in the bill are met, each district and organization is free to purchase the professional development services and resources it needs most. The guidelines simply require recipients to:

  • Develop and adopt a plan identifying how funds will be spent
  • Explain the plan in a public meeting of the governing board before its adoption in a subsequent public meeting
  • Report detailed expenditure information to the State Department of Education by July 1, 2018, indicating purchases made and the number of staff members who received professional development

There is no application process; funds from the 2015–16 Educator Effectiveness Funding Program will be disbursed directly to qualifying districts and organizations. However, the funds must be used over the 2015–16, 2016–17, and 2017–18 fiscal years. Here’s how Learning Sciences International can help you maximize your use of Section 58 funding.

CA SB-77



Paragraph 1.A: 
Beginning teacher and administrator support and mentoring
Marzano Center Essentials for Achieving Rigor: Deep training empowers teachers with research-based strategies to help students develop critical thinking skills and meet rigorous standards
Paragraph 1.B:
PD, coaching, and support services for educators who need improvement
RigorWalk: One-day consultation gives leadership teams actionable data to identify root causes and barriers to learning, helping teachers improve their practice
Paragraph 1.C:
PD for teachers and leaders aligned to state content standards
Goals & Scales training: Hands-on workshop shows teachers how to unpack the standards so they can give students a clear understanding of what they need to do to hit learning targets
Paragraph 1.D:
Promote educator quality effectiveness through training on mentoring and coaching and training certificated staff to support effective teaching and learning
Leadership Academy: Build leaders’ expertise at supporting teachers with feedback as they make the critical instructional shifts that move students toward mastery of cognitively complex tasks

Strategic Formative Assessment: Full-day workshops show educators how to deeply implement the 5 key formative assessment strategies

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