Immediately impact teacher practice with the LSI Growth Tracker’s Teacher Induction course.

How Do You…

  • Support teachers who are new to the school or to teaching?
  • Help mentors provide focused feedback to support educators?
  • Accomplish all of this without losing valuable instructional time?
The LSI Growth Tracker Teacher Induction Course

Districts with comprehensive, year-long induction programs
have less turnover and better trained teachers.

The LSI Growth Tracker Teacher Induction course integrates professional development, classroom instruction, and peer collaboration so everyone—even new and transitioning teachers—can immediately impact student learning and achievement.

Topics covered in the LSI Growth Tracker Induction Course:

  • Rules and Procedures
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Communicating High Expectations
  • Learning Targets and Performance Scales
  • Formative Assessment
  • Celebrating Student Progress
  • Identifying Critical Content
  • Previewing New Content
  • Organizing Students
  • Processing and Elaborating on Content
  • Recording and Representing Knowledge

Develop. Sustain. Retain.
The LSI Growth Tracker Induction Course helps everyone grow.

For Teachers

No more asking, “How can I learn and improve my instruction without sacrificing valuable classroom time?” Short, focused sessions allow teachers to take chunks of learning back to their students, implement them, get feedback, and steadily develop their practice.

For Mentors

Classroom visits become rich opportunities to give teachers practice and feedback. The Induction course provides tools that keep the focus on very specific strategies. Then, it automatically documents each mentee’s growth, reducing paperwork and unnecessary hassle.

For Leaders

Leaders provide resources and support to create powerful learning environments. The Induction Course makes it easy to help teachers pace their professional development and spend more time implementing their learning as they grow in their practice.

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Teacher Induction Course.

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