Rigorous turnaround supports
for sustainable results.


Proven Track Record in Urban Schools

  • Are your teachers experiencing initiative fatigue?

  • Are you tired of implementing programs that don’t yield results?

  • Are you ready to build district capacity for sustainable school improvement?

Learning Sciences International’s Intensive Implementation model has improved academic achievement in some of the lowest performing schools in urban districts nationwide.

In one instance, 12 schools were released from designation as Priority Schools—the largest number of schools to be removed from Priority status in that district’s history.

An Investment in People:
Build Capacity for Meaningful, Sustainable Improvement

We offer districts a unique opportunity to develop an exemplar school to serve as a laboratory of rigorous, standards-based leadership and teaching practices that can then be replicated in your other turnaround schools.

Through the exemplar school, your district’s leaders, principals, and teachers will observe, experience, and practice exceptional leadership and instructional strategies that focus on visibly improved student achievement, while building your capacity to quickly replicate and scale these strategies to your other turnaround schools.

District and building leaders will learn to accurately recognize and coach teaching that leads students to successful mastery of rigorous state standards.

  • RigorWalk and Certification of District Leadership in the RigorWalk process
  • Intensive Leadership Support, both onsite and virtual job-embedded coaching
  • Certified Results Coaches who provide implementation fidelity coaching supports to teachers and peers
  • PLC Tracking Teams offer internal and peer instructional support
  • New professional learning strategies from the Essentials for Achieving Rigor offer differentiated instruction within the flow of the lesson to minimize gaps in student learning prior to future assessment

  • LSI Tracker assesses teacher and student growth for real time instructional decisions, easily showing growth, and identifying areas of need for all stakeholders

Interested in the Intensive Implementation Model?

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Innovative Solutions for Sustainable School Improvement

Demonstration Schools for Rigor

Showcase schools to foster rigorous learning, collaboration, and achievement in standards-based classrooms.

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Classroom walkthroughs that help school leadership teams gain powerful insight into instruction and leadership.

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The LSI Tracker Platform

Simple-yet-powerful web-based applications to promote collaboration and growth throughout an entire school.

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