Effective leadership + strong schools = student achievement.


You make hundreds of decisions every hour.

We’ll help you mine your skills to generate significant, sustainable change.
We’re passionate about providing school and district leaders with coaching and support to ensure that their decisions make the greatest possible impact.

What’s your mental model of leadership?

See how administrators from some of our partner schools have transformed how they envision instructional leadership in the new economy:

  • Leaders move beyond the operational pieces and truly support educators
  • So teachers can chunk their professional learning, process it, and practice it in the classroom
  • And students are able to accomplish complex tasks and take ownership of their learning

“It’s not about what is comfortable for the teachers or comfortable for the leaders;
it’s about making sure our students are college-ready.”

Leadership Development: How It All Works Together

Executive Leaders

Build leadership capacity with real-time, data-driven decision making and accountability coaching

School Leaders

Side-by-side coaching with targeted supports strengthens leadership and rater agreement

Teacher Leaders

Develop strong instructional leaders who can support and guide teachers through implementation

LSI Leadership Academy

Get everyone engaged in networking and accountability in the shared effort to plan and deliver rigorous instruction. Our Leadership Academy will help you develop a community of practice that fuels both personal and professional growth in all staff members.


Interested in Leadership Development Services and Solutions?

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