Innovative, easy-to-use software for monitoring to the standards.

Introducing the simple, powerful, on-demand tool for monitoring to the standards

More than ever, teachers need a simple way to consistently maintain a clear picture of their students’ progress toward the standards. They need a monitoring tool that helps them unpack the standards so they can adjust instruction to best meet the needs of learners. And it must be available whenever and wherever they need it. We have that tool.

Equipped with the standards from all 50 states, the LSI Standards Tracker allows K–12 teachers to easily collect student evidence during instruction. This robust, web-based platform then enables them to share data with other educators, promoting a unique blend of calibration and professional growth.

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Quickly and easily:

  • Create a class and student roster
  • Identify the standards you will cover
  • Build and sequence learning targets
  • Track performance with formative assessment
  • Use data from reports to modify instruction

Report: How Formative Assessment Predicts Test Scores

Our research team looked at data collected with the LSI Standards Tracker.

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With the LSI Standards Tracker, you’ll be able to:

Create Useful Data

Generate reports that give you a clear picture of student progress

Stay Calibrated

Focus on district-based units and lessons

See Progress 

Create a trend analysis or historical view of student progress

Revise Instruction

Navigate to prior entries and make any instructional shifts that are needed

Minute-to-Minute Monitoring
to the Standards

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