Innovative, easy-to-use software for monitoring to the standards.

Reach your student achievement goals in one year or less.

A system for monitoring student evidence of standards-based learning targets

Why does it work? Because the Standards Tracker makes standards-based learning visible for teachers and students. The Tracker helps teachers move from owning the coverage of content to owning the learning outcomes—in partnership with students.

We’ve seen it with our own eyes. Teachers using the Standards Tracker to strengthen their core instruction and engage students in ownership of their learning have seen astonishing gains in student achievement in less than one year –even with students they have long struggled to reach (Read Dory’s Success Story). This simple online tool allows both teachers and students to set and track specific, standards-based learning targets and monitor progress in real time.

Success Stories:

Discovering Dory
Brittanie C.: A Classroom in the “Green Zone”

Quickly and easily:

  • Use student evidence to modify instruction to close the daily learning gap
  • Identify the standards you will cover
  • Build and sequence learning targets
  • Track student progress to learning targets
  • Create class and student rosters

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“I started noticing when I was tracking that I was able to remediate my kids who were struggling immediately, based on the information and the success criteria in the Standards Tracker. That really kept me focused, and kept the students focused as well. They were tracking their own progress with partners and independently.”

– Brittanie C.
3rd Grade Teacher

The LSI Standards Tracker:

  • Is equipped with ELA and Math standards from all 50 states
  • Clear evidences of learning for each target, so students and teachers can clearly track progress
  • Allows teachers to share data for improved collaboration and planning
  • Works on any tablet or smart phone to allow teachers to easily monitor student progress toward standards-based learning targets in the moment.

“This Tracker keeps you accountable to every student in the room. I can see who I have talked to and who has yet to be contacted in class and make a sure that I reach every student.”

– Will W.
7th Grade Science Teacher

Report: How Formative Assessment Predicts Test Scores

Our research team looked at data collected with the LSI Standards Tracker.

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The LSI Standards Tracker

Improves Core Instruction

Keeps teachers and students focused on rigorous, standards-based learning


Ensures students truly understand what they are expected to know

Makes Learning Visible

Allows teachers and students to track daily progress


Provides specific “look-fors” as evidence of student learning

Minute-to-Minute Monitoring
to the Standards

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