Educator evaluation, teacher growth, and student achievement

Architecture Day

How are you building a powerful learning environment?

Instructional techniques. Alignment with standards. Formative assessment. Collaboration. Teachers must own these skills to help students succeed with rigorous new standards. To guide their schools to the next level of rigorous learning, instructional leadership must understand how these critical components are linked and aligned with each other.

To make the process easier, Learning Sciences International has identified the four key areas that significantly impact teaching and learning in a standards-based classroom. Learn about them at an Architecture Day workshop.


  • Grow expertise on instructional strategies
  • Establish a rigorous standards-based system
  • Implement short-cycle formative assessment
  • Build standards-based PLCs

Growth in Teacher Expertise

Learn about key instructional strategies that develop students’ higher-order thinking skills.

Rigorous Schoolwide Systems

Get research-based insight and practical tips to significantly increase schoolwide rigor.

Formative Assessment Techniques

Help teachers seamlessly build minute-to-minute monitoring right into every lesson.

Standards-Based PLCs

Promote shared growth and collaboration with strong Professional Learning Communities.

We developed a hands-on session that is perfect for teams of teachers, instructional coaches, and leadership alike to deepen their understanding on how these four key areas drive successful teaching and learning. Regardless of your role, you’ll get fresh ideas and practical techniques that you can put to immediate use to deepen students’ learning and impact your entire school.

Every instructional leader is an architect. You are planning and building a powerful, standards-based learning environment that will impact many lives for years to come.

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