Showcase schools to foster rigorous learning, collaboration, and achievement.

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Demonstration Schools for Rigor

Showcase schools to foster rigorous learning, collaboration, and achievement in standards-based classrooms

Why Demonstration Schools?

Learning Sciences partners with more than two dozen schools in the US to successfully implement demonstration schools. We developed the Demonstration Schools for Rigor initiative because we know that teachers and school administrators are feeling challenged by new academic standards.

Demonstration Schools for Rigor address the critical need in US public education to develop today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges. They exemplify the level of teaching and learning required by rigorous state standards as teachers and administrators work together to:

  • Plan standards-based lessons
  • Participate in instructional rounds
  • Train on classroom strategies in the Essentials for Achieving Rigor model
  • Use formative assessment data to make instructional decisions
  • Leverage the use of peer collaboration and coaching
  • Use technology to interact and track student progress
  • Reflect on data for continuous improvement

In time, these schools become replicable “model schools” for their district or geographical area, a place where other educators visit to witness best practices in pedagogy for standards-based classrooms.

Schools Participating Since 2014

Schools for Rigor

Regional Demonstration
Schools for Rigor

High Schools

Middle Schools

Elementary Schools

Regional Demonstration Schools are a unique model for building Schools for Rigor within small school systems, often in a rural, geographically large region. These schools collaborate across district lines for professional development, coaching, and implementation to maximize resources and support.

High Schools

Middle Schools

Elementary Schools

School Principal Amy Dujon says that “the joy of teaching is back” in her Palm Beach County demonstration school

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In Search of Rigor: How a Minnesota school district is taking every school, teacher, and student from good to great.

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Kingsley and Traverse City Schools in Michigan Adopt a Rigorous Learning Program

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“This is my 24th year being principal and I have never been involved with such rich conversation around education on a continuing basis.”

What demonstration school educators are seeing: Self-directed students, creative lesson planning, rich conversations among colleagues.

  • “The strategies have helped us provide a clear learning goal for the students connected to the standards. They have also made students aware of what their learning goals are, and that has been really beneficial.”
  • “I see a lot of students being brought into the act of teaching, sharing more information, more back and forth. Students know the purpose of what they are going to be learning. This is creating a more self-directed student.”
  • “We have a better understanding about what we are teaching what we want students to know. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.”
  • “Walking into all the classrooms and seeing how we have progressed together in our learning; Taking those observations and developing them into thoughtful questions to help foster the growth piece—that has been huge. Having instructional rounds and being able to learn from others’ classrooms, and to sit down with teachers side by side and work on it together, it’s been amazing.”
  • “It has helped me become more creative! I try to think about how I can make classroom activities both more rigorous and more fun. And it has helped our team be more creative in planning. This is the most creative year I’ve had since I’ve been a teacher, in five years.”

Webinar on Demonstration Schools for Rigor in Princeton, Minnesota

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