Professional development for lasting
teacher growth and student achievement.

The model of instruction that prepares
learners to meet rigorous standards.

Are your teachers prepared to meet college and career readiness standards?

The Marzano Center Essentials provide a safe, evaluation-free zone for teachers to continue to grow as they practice and hone classroom strategies aligned to rigor. It gives them just the right guidance, support, coaching, and resources to make instructional changes that will help their students achieve.

Teachers love the Marzano Center Essentials because the model works with any evaluation system that a school currently has in place, but it doesn’t evaluate. Rather, its chief objective is to help educators focus on research-based, core classroom instructional strategies that build students’ higher-order thinking skills, such as analysis, reasoning, hypothesis generation and testing, and decision making.

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Professional Development and Support

  • Standards-based planning
  • Clear criteria for success supported by student evidence
  • Essential strategies for improving conditions for learning
  • Real-time data for reflection and action
  • Peer collaboration
  • Helps students build autonomy

Student-Centered Pedagogy

The Marzano Center Essentials will help teachers develop expertise in releasing autonomy to
students, creating a student-centered pedagogy in which the learner owns most
of the responsibility for the learning—a key factor in raising achievement.

Narrow Achievement Gaps

As teachers perfect these skills, rigorous instruction essentially becomes embedded into their daily work. In turn, it becomes natural for them to spend a larger portion of classroom time teaching cognitively complex skills that engage and prepare students for the new assessments.

Real Results

Educators receiving early training on the Essentials for Achieving Rigor are already reporting a noticeable improvement in classroom instruction. Put into practice, it is “absolutely exciting” to see teaching with increased rigor, says one Florida high school principal.

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