Educator evaluation, teacher growth, and student achievement

Featured in the 2015 publication, Measuring Student Growth, by the Reform Support Network, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

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Pinellas County Pilot

In 2013-2014, Learning Sciences International conducted a research pilot project in five schools in Pinellas County, Florida. The project was designed to help teachers build their classroom effectiveness and increase student learning in the context of their teacher and school leader evaluation systems.

The project included a comprehensive professional development component, focused classroom observations, deliberate practice of targeted classroom skills, and specific student growth measures to provide timely, actionable feedback to teachers.

The research team built a customized plan for Pinellas that included standards-based unit development, formative student growth score analysis, student surveys, and intensive side-by-side administrative coaching on researched-based classroom strategies to improve teacher practice and raise student achievement. Five Pinellas County schools participated in the project and five schools served as a control group.

  • It’s a process that you’re building to, and when you take the time to build with your teachers, there’s a lot of uneasiness and, squeamishness — but when you take that time to build with them, the end product is going to be beautiful. Just to have my teachers willing to try and have the conversations like, “Hey, what did you do with your goal and scale? What kind of feedback did you get on that? What can I do differently?” is fantastic.

    I’ve gone into so many classrooms this year and my AP will go along with me because we’re learning to do the observations together. I’ll go in and I’ll just look over at her and go, “I feel like I’m a proud dad sitting here watching these people just grow right in front of my eyes.” It’s impressive.

–James Pribble
Gulfport Elementary School

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Emerging Approaches to Measuring Student Growth

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Now Available:
Pinellas County Public Schools 2013–2014 Multiple Measures Pilot Results

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Pinellas County Teacher Evaluation Pilot Project

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