Educator evaluation, teacher growth, and student achievement

In the 2015-2016 school year alone:

building-level data reports drove school improvement

of schools made progress on rigorous instruction

of schools showed significant growth in one year

students and teachers took Learning Sciences surveys

Is your teacher evaluation system working?

Each school and district has unique needs. Our expert researchers and consultants are well-equipped to provide accurate, high-quality data that you can use to plan powerful and effective programs and interventions tailored for your schools.

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Do you need insight regarding:

  • Research and program evaluation to help you make your school and district programs truly effective?
  • Schools that are resistant to reform?
  • Teacher evaluation data to accurately gauge progress regarding teacher growth and student achievement?
  • Multiple measures of teacher effectiveness?
  • Student perception surveys?

Marzano Center Student Learning Objectives

The purpose of the Marzano Center SLOs is to provide immediate feedback to teachers on how their students are performing on the standards. Participants delve into this method of adjusting teaching and learning while students are still in their classrooms.

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Effective data analysis, documentation, and reporting

The research team at Learning Sciences International will show you how to analyze, document, and report your data to generate the maximum impact in your schools. Together, we will identify root causes and determine the best implementation plan for your teachers and students.

We know you set high standards

Our research services are comprehensive, accurate, and customizable to your needs. Learning Sciences International is a leading developer of personalized research projects for teacher and school leader effectiveness.

Student Surveys

Research shows that information from student surveys, combined with data from classroom observations, is a strong predictor of student achievement gains. Through our student surveys, teachers can identify areas where their practice needs improvement, and where and why classroom strategies are working well. They give teachers and administrators a full, accurate picture of a host of critical factors that impact student achievement.

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