SIG funding fosters school improvement

School Improvement Grants (SIGs)

SIG funding: how does it all work?

The United States Department of Education awards School Improvement Grants (SIGs) to state educational agencies. State educational agencies use this funding to make competitive sub-grants to Local Educational Agencies (like school districts) that demonstrate the greatest need and the strongest commitment to use the funds to substantially raise the achievement of students in their lowest-performing schools.

Learning Sciences International:
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Baseline Data

Collect real-time snapshots of teaching and learning. Identify root causes and barriers to student achievement. Measure the level of rigor taking place in each classroom. A RigorWalk provides insight, perspective, and actionable data to inform your needs analysis and accelerate rigorous instruction.

Increase Schoolwide Rigor

To increase the quality and rigor of instruction, teachers must make the critical instructional shifts that move learners toward mastering higher-order thinking skills. The Essentials for Achieving Rigor professional development series helps educators develop the use of key instructional strategies.

Student Monitoring

Ensure that all students are meeting standards-aligned learning targets. Equipped with the standards from all 50 states, the LSI Standards Tracker allows K–12 teachers to closely monitor learning, collect student evidence on a minute-to-minute basis, and use that evident to quickly adjust instruction.

Guidance for Principals

Get expert guidance and coaching as you conduct classroom observations, reflect on what you saw, and analyze teaching and learning evidences. School Leadership Coaching helps leaders develop short- and long-term plans based on metrics gathered through surveys and observation data.

Formative Assessment

Accelerate learning with Strategic Formative Assessment. This system, based on the work of Dr. Dylan Wiliam, gives teachers practical techniques to embed short-cycle formative assessment into every lesson so they always know how each student is progressing toward mastery of standards.

Teacher Growth

Help teachers and PLCs achieve high levels of professional, collaborative practice. Streamline new teacher inductions. Protect instructional time. The LSI Growth Tracker makes professional learning visible in a safe, evaluation-free zone—and it’s available whenever and wherever teachers need it.

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