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Master of Science in Education and other graduate programs from the National Institute of Professional Practice and Wilkes University help educators stand out among their peers. Designed for busy teachers and leaders, our programs offer a flexible solution for education professionals who want to earn a master’s degree without disrupting their careers. You can earn your degree in as little as two years or your letter of endorsement in one year.

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Designed with Dr. Robert J. Marzano

The measure of an educator’s professional success depends on how well students learn and apply knowledge. Synthesizing nearly 40 years of research, Dr. Robert J. Marzano designed the Art & Science of Teaching online graduate program with the National Institute for Professional Practice to equip educators with strategies and
techniques that translate into measurable change in the classroom and increased student achievement. The only one of its kind, Dr. Marzano’s innovative program for K-12 teachers includes study guides, activities, and immediate, real-world classroom application.

with a PA Reading Specialist Certificate

Government initiatives focus on high-quality education for all children, and a key component is achieving grade-level goals for student reading in primary and secondary school. The online Reading graduate program provides PreK-12 teachers with a comprehensive literacy curriculum that addresses diverse learning needs. Courses focus on literacy assessment, vocabulary and comprehension, developing reading and writing across curricula, and literacy leadership and coaching.

In today’s media-rich culture, students have access to more learning resources than ever before. The 21st Century Teaching & Learning online graduate program addresses the challenges and opportunities of how constantly changing technology, vast amounts of information, and ambiguous situations affect the learning process. Designed specifically for middle school and high school teachers, this program provides strategies to adapt classroom instruction to meet the needs of 21st century students.
The Early Childhood Literacy online graduate program provides a comprehensive literacy curriculum for K-3 teachers. It explores tools and resources to empower students to discover the joy of reading and writing. Learn how to engage and coach students to understand, remember, synthesize, and communicate what they read, both verbally and in writing. Unlike traditional master’s degrees, you can apply the strategies and techniques from this program directly into your classroom as you progress through each course.
Today’s teachers must balance instructional effectiveness with school culture and ever-changing social environments. They need a mentor to offer solutions and guidance in their practice. The online Teacher Leadership & Instructional Coaching program is designed for practicing instructional coaches who want to hone their skills and for educators looking to move into instructional coaching roles. Courses focus on the power of reflective practice, building leadership skills, problem-based coaching models, and strategies to build strong professional learning communities.

Online Graduate Education Programs for Today’s Busy Teachers

Become an expert educator from the convenience of your home or classroom through online graduate programs rich in content, strategies, and resources that you can apply today to get results tomorrow. Our online graduate programs are grounded in the latest research developed by education leaders and practitioners who know what it’s like to be in your shoes and what it takes to make a positive impact on student growth. And just like traditional programs, you have access to passionate professors and caring graduate advisors dedicated to your success, along with supportive cohorts of fellow learners.

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  • Enhanced student learning
  • Personal coaching
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