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Monitoring for Learning PD Pack

Equip your schools with tools, knowledge, and skills to break the “test, intervention, test” cycle. This training helps teachers build monitoring right into their lessons and then quickly track student performance in real-time with the easy-to-use LSI TrackerTM app so teachers can make instant instructional decisions to impact all students when they know who is learning, who needs support, and who needs to be challenged.

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This powerful PD Pack includes:

Monitoring for Learning

This hands-on session gives teachers techniques, tools, and resources to continually monitor for learning throughout each lesson, using assessment tasks and adapting instruction based on student evidence.

LSI TrackerTM Technology
1-year School Subscription

This mobile-enabled application empowers teachers to quickly track student performance during lessons so they can see what is (or isn’t) working and make real-time instructional decisions to ensure that all students meet learning targets.

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