Professional Development Packs for Educators

Every district, school, and classroom is unique, but ultimately student achievement begins with teachers and school leaders. Our professional development team is dedicated to high-quality professional learning, steeped in research with high-fidelity outcomes.

We’ve packaged together some of our best and most effective professional development and technology to propel schools toward their goal: student success.

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Monitoring for Learning PD Pack

Equip your schools with tools, knowledge, and skills to break the “test, intervention, test” cycle. This training helps teachers build monitoring right into their lessons and then quickly track student performance in real-time with the easy-to-use LSI TrackerTM app so they can make instant instructional decisions to impact all students.

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Standards-Based Scales PD Pack

Dive into essential strategies and build expertise on constructing and implementing rigorous, standards-based learning targets and performance scales that increase learning and drive instructional decisions. This integrated blend of professional development and easy-to-use technology helps teachers leverage the power of the LSI TrackerTM app to make scale-building and student monitoring faster and easier than ever before.

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Strategic Formative Assessment PD Pack

Based on the research of Dr. Dylan Wiliam, the Strategic Formative Assessment PD Pack allows teachers to keep doing what they already know works—while making it easier to assess student learning as they teach. Participants will dive deep into the five key formative assessment strategies, streamline monitoring with the LSI Tracker TM app, and increase student engagement and achievement.

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RigorWalk PD Pack

Get the most out of the insight and actionable feedback that a RigorWalk provides. Not only do you get the RigorWalk experience, but it comes bundled with the Monitoring for Learning and LSI Tracker PD Packs to help teachers seamlessly build monitoring right into every lesson and consistently track student progress without interrupting the learning.

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