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Powerful Insight into Instruction and Leadership

RigorWalkTM helps school leadership teams gain powerful insight into instruction and leadership.

During a RigorWalk, Learning Sciences consultants facilitate interviews with your school leadership team, walk the school, and conduct an onsite analysis to collect information about the Pillars of Rigor.

Together, we’ll work to identify baseline conditions and determine next steps for implementing support structures to have an immediate, positive impact on teaching and learning. You’ll get actionable, powerful insight into exactly what your school needs to do to address new standards and increase instructional rigor in identified areas.

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Pillars of Rigor

  • School climate and culture
  • School leadership practices
  • Cultivation of a growth mindset
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Rigorous, standards-based instruction
  • Formative assessment implementation

Taking Schools From Good to Great with RigorWalk

Learning Sciences International Staff Developers Betsy Carter and Jennifer Reeves address the critical role school leadership plays in transforming schools from good to great. They also discuss a new tool that school leaders can use to diagnose and measure the level of rigor in buildings and classrooms, providing actionable insight that significantly impacts both instruction and leadership

RigorWalk PD Pack

Get the most out of the insight and actionable feedback that a RigorWalk provides. Not only do you get the RigorWalk experience, but it comes bundled with the Monitoring for Learning and LSI Tracker PD Packs to help teachers seamlessly build monitoring right into every lesson and consistently track student progress without interrupting the learning.

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