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Standards-Based Scales PD Pack

This integrated blend of professional development and easy-to-use technology helps teachers construct and implement rigorous learning goals and performance scales, align activities to specific standards that are proven to increase rigor, and leverage the power of the revolutionary new LSI TrackerTM app to collect real-time student data without sacrificing valuable class time to give quizzes and tests.

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This powerful PD Pack includes:

Standards-Based Scales

In Goals and Scales, participants learn to construct and implement rigorous learning goals and performance scales that not only help students understand what they are learning but also drive instructional decisions.

LSI TrackerTM Technology
1-year School Subscription

This mobile-enabled application empowers teachers to quickly track student performance during lessons so they can see what is (or isn’t) working and make real-time instructional decisions to ensure that all students meet learning targets.

Why Are Goals and Scales Important?

A well-devised scale helps students engage in important inner dialogues. It answers the question, “What is expected of me?” and enables them to see that even the most challenging tasks are entirely possible. In short, it empowers them take control of their learning. However, for all of this to happen, they need teachers to provide the goals and scales.


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