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Strategic Formative Assessment
PD Pack

Based on the research of Dr. Dylan Wiliam, the Strategic Formative Assessment PD Pack Pack allows teachers to keep doing what they already know works—while making it easier to assess student learning as they teach.

  • Dive deep into the five key formative assessment strategies
  • Streamline monitoring with the LSI Tracker TM app
  • Increase student engagement and achievement
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This powerful PD Pack includes:

Workshop 1
Establishing Standards-Based Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

The first of three Strategic Formative Assessment modules for teachers, this session focuses on how teachers establish clear learning intentions, while helping students understand the criteria for success.

Workshop 2
Eliciting and Interpreting Evidence & Providing Productive Feedback

The second of three Strategic Formative Assessment modules for teachers, this session provides tools to help teachers plan techniques and hinge questions that engage students in productive intellectual discussion.

Workshop 3
Activating All Learners

The final Strategic Formative Assessment module for teachers shows participants how to facilitate active learning and support students on their journey to critical thinking, increased rigor, and higher achievement.

Coaching Days
Strategic Coaching

During these on-site coaching sessions, a certified Learning Sciences Dylan Wiliam Center expert consultant facilitates classroom observation and feedback and/or coaching to strengthen strategic formative assessment implementation from teachers to instructional learners to administrators.

LSI TrackerTM Technology
1-year School Subscription

This mobile-enabled application empowers teachers to quickly track student performance during lessons so they can see what is (or isn’t) working and make real-time instructional decisions to ensure that all students meet learning targets.

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