Improving the academic achievement
of the disadvantaged.

Title I Funding

Part A

State educational agencies reserve approximately 7% of their allocations under Title 1 to school improvement activities. At least 95% of these funds must be allocated to local education agencies as either competitive or formula grants.

Funds must be used to implement activities in Comprehensive Support and Improvement Schools or Targeted Support and Improvement Schools.

Comprehensive Support and Improvement Schools include:

  • The lowest 5% of Title I schools
  • All public high schools that graduate one third or less of their students
  • Title I schools in which any subgroup would be identified as persistently among the lowest performing 5% over the course of several years

Targeted Support and Improvement Schools include:

  • Any school in which a subgroup of students consistently underperforms

Part B

State assessment grants are awarded to state educational agencies for work involving the development, provision, and improvement of assessments of student learning, including students with disabilities and English Learners.

States may use these funds to assist local educational agencies in developing or improving summative, interim, and formative assessments.

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