Invest in programs that promote lasting growth in teachers

Accelerate Learning & Leadership With ESSA Funding:
Powerful Support for Teachers & Leaders

First, Ask Yourself Two Questions

What are the most impactful things I can do to help students succeed?

Effective, highly qualified teachers and principals are essential for increasing student achievement. To help educators improve their practice, the U.S. Department of Education awards Title II, Part A funding to State Education Agencies, who in turn award sub-grants to Local Education Agencies (LEAs), such as school districts. To receive these sub-grants, each LEA must conduct a needs assessment to identify the most important actions it can take to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

What are my top funding priorities for the upcoming school year?

Reduce class sizes? Recruit new teachers? Eliminate achievement gaps? Title II funds can help in many ways, depending on your school’s specific needs. As part of a multi-faceted approach, most schools and districts opt to invest in the teachers and leadership they already have by improving their knowledge and skills in the use of effective instructional strategies to meet all students’ needs. We believe this is the most significant thing you can do for your students, staff, and community.

Next, Create a Partnership With Learning Sciences International

Capacity-Building Partnerships

Join forces with expert consultants who have extensive classroom experience and top training on evidence-based instructional strategies. Through our RigorWalk and Demonstration Schools for Rigor programs, you’ll get comprehensive data reporting to diagnose root causes and create customized action plans that take learning to the next level.

Sustained Sessions
Throughout the Year

Far too many schools waste money on stand-alone professional development sessions that don’t make a lasting difference in instructional practice. The Essentials for Achieving Rigor model of instruction keeps growth consistently at the top of everyone’s mind all year long.

Opportunities for
Practice and Feedback

Strengthen professional development with practical, hands-on application embedded right into every lesson. Dr. Dylan Wiliam’s Strategic Formative Assessment shows educators how to improve their practice with minute-to-minute monitoring that helps them elicit student evidence and accelerate learning.

Flexible Training Options

Professional development shouldn’t require substitutes and missed class periods. We’ll customize to meet the needs of all your staff. With the LSI Growth Tracker, you’ll be able to provide quick, convenient sessions for individuals and for groups of various sizes so everyone can benefit from rigorous training without added stress.

Growth Mindset

Everyone can improve, but the growth mindset starts with leaders who support teachers with rigorous, transparent, and fair evaluations and intervention systems so they can provide clear, timely, useful feedback. Our evidence-based, multi-tiered leadership and school improvement programs will help you get the transformation started.

Collaboration and Transparency

With a focus on peer collaboration, our workshops, software, and training initiatives enable educators to help each other improve while building their own capacity. Strengthen your school’s PLC teams with the power of the LSI Growth Tracker, which will help facilitators plan, implement, and document truly productive planning sessions.

Reciprocal Accountability

Accountability only works when people have the tools they need to meet expectations through collaboration. Just as students must understand their learning targets, teachers and leaders must know exactly what they need to accomplish. The LSI Standards Tracker connects learning targets to the standards and helps teachers adjust instruction to meet the needs of every student.

Targeted, Consistent Coaching

A partnership with Learning Sciences International means that your instructional coaches will receive professional development that builds their capacity for sustainable growth. Develop Certified Results Coaches who are highly skilled at helping each teacher continue to improve in his or her practice.

Partner with Learning Sciences International

Our evidence-based products and services will help you meet all requirements of Title II funding as you create a truly powerful learning environment for every student in every classroom.