Make learning visible
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Customizable Whiteboard Student Response Paddles

Innovative Handheld Paddles for
Classroom Formative Assessment

Created by a former teacher and endorsed by formative assessment expert Dr. Dylan Wiliam, these handheld whiteboard paddles provide an easy and convenient way to quickly monitor student learning for any age group or subject area.

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“The shorter the time interval between eliciting the evidence and using it to improve instruction, the bigger the likely impact on learning.”

Embedding Formative Assessment

Constructed of durable plastic and designed to survive the harsh realities of classroom recklessness, the 2-sided Customizable Whiteboard provides a 7.5” x 9.5” rectangular dry erase writing surface that’s perfect for collecting quick responses to make sure that all students meet learning targets.

The plastic sleeve on the other side of the paddle makes it completely customizable—and each student gets a microfiber cleaning cloth to keep the board in tip-top condition!

No More Missing Markers

Widespread marker misplacement is no longer an issue; the dry erase marker included with each whiteboard snaps right into the board’s handle! (But if one does go missing, a standard thin dry erase marker will also fit into the slot.)

Oh, and each marker has a felt-tipped eraser on the end of its cap. How’s that for convenience?

Maximize instructional time. Accelerate learning.

The Customizable Whiteboard makes it easy for educators to see all students’ responses from just about anywhere in the room.

Recommended by Dr. Dylan Wiliam

We’re proud to be working with Dr. Wiliam and sharing his guidance through his books, recorded webinars, online resources, and powerful onsite professional development programs.

Dr. Wiliam recommends the Customizable Whiteboard to any teacher who wants to improve instruction with classroom formative assessment. For more about Dr. Wiliam’s techniques and insight, visit the Learning Sciences Dylan Wiliam Center.

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