Partnering with Educators to Improve Core Instruction & Elevate Equity

End-to-End Implementation of Research and Standards-Based Systems to Quickly Close Learning Gaps

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Tackle the Top K-12 Problems With LSI’s Partnership Systems:

As your trusted partner, our team of career educators – who have sat in your seats – rely on applied research and sophisticated data tracking to implement a highly customized, long-term growth plan for your school(s).

We go beyond short-term programs, that often are compliance-driven one-size-fits-all interventions that plateau. Instead, LSI focuses on addressing root causes for sustainable growth.

The results allow teachers and school leaders to make informed daily decisions that directly impact the K12 challenges they are facing. 

Messages From Our LSI Experts:


Picture of: Meg Bowen

When all students have access to rigorous and engaging core instruction, student achievement skyrockets.”

Meg BowenExecutive Director,
Core Instruction and Virtual Products, Applied Research Center
Picture of: Melissa Bloom

At LSI, we work with our partners to ensure evaluation is driven by the alignment of instructional goals and educator growth.

Melissa BloomExecutive Director,
Evaluation and Strategic Partnerships, Marzano Center & SEL
Picture of: Camile Earle-Dennis

“We help districts embed core instructional strategies, social-emotional skills, and provide excellent feedback, so they create a culture of trust, boosting the system as a whole.

Camile Earle-DennisSr. Content Specialist, SEL
Picture of: James R. Mills

“LSI helps educators with the decisions they make and how to spend their time. Everything we do is systems work. Core instruction is a collection of systems and we know how to install them to get kids learning quickly.”

James R. MillsExecutive Director, School Turnaround, Applied Research Center


Invest in Our Shared Future

Districts and schools reach their goals when teachers have the support they need to reach the students of their unique communities. We’ll work with your unique school to build continued, sustainable growth for the community. Connect with us today to get engaged.

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