Christal Bloomer, M.Ed, has focused on supporting and advocating for marginalized learners since 2002. The bulk of her experience is teaching ELA in a disciplinary alternative high school setting (DAEP). Those students inspired not only her growth in a professional capacity in how to engage her students in the active learning process, it also inspired her to seek a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and obtain an LPC certification.

Prior to joining the Learning Sciences International team, Ms. Bloomer worked as a Behavior Interventionist, focusing her work on creating systems that support a proactive, restorative campus environment via SEL and PBIS. She has also worked as an EL Specialist, with a specific concentration on supporting campuses with a high ratio of long-term ELs. Ms. Bloomer has a passion for education and supporting the creation of systems that encourage students to have an active role in the learning process.