Lindsey Devers Basileo, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Analyst with Learning Sciences International (LSI) in West Palm Beach, FL. She received her Doctorate in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Florida State University in December 2010. Dr. Basileo has over ten years of experience conducting social science research. Lindsey has been working at LSI since April of 2013. Her responsibilities include: conducting process and outcome evaluations of treatment programs implemented in schools across the nation; measuring and validating student growth metrics; and using mixed methods to provide formative data to schools and districts on program performance which includes analyzing data from walkthroughs, observations, and incorporating findings from a multitude of surveys.

Prior to working at LSI, she worked as an onsite consultant for the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice where she advised senior management, responded to Congressional inquiries, defined and analyzed performance metrics for strategic planning initiatives, and analyzed and presented data in GrantStat to assess program performance and compliance. In addition, Dr. Basileo was the Project Manager at the Justice Research Center for several evidence-based research initiatives for the Connecticut Court Support Services aimed at rehabilitating troubled and at-risk youth. Her research interests include school improvement, evaluation, statistics, and survey development and administration.