As a professional educator for the past 33 years, Mary Hool has been able to observe both a macro view of the changes and challenges facing our nation’s educational system and a micro view of how it impacts schools, educators, families, and children.

For more than 17 years, Mary has served as an elementary school principal. Recognizing that today’s leadership evaluation model requires a new type of principal, Ms. Hool created and implemented a 21st century approach to school leadership which allows her to truly become the instructional leader.  Through her leadership, she has increased her teachers’ pedagogy and knowledge of Dr. Marzano’s Instructional Framework.  As a result, her elementary school was selected to be an OCPS Demonstration School of Rigor. 

Ms. Hool was selected to present this leadership model at the 2014 Florida Association of School Administrators Conference (FASA).  Most recently, Ms. Hool was nominated by Orange County Public Schools and selected by Harvard University to attend Leadership: An Evolving Vision with the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This intensive learning experience brought school leaders from across the country and around the world to analyze personal and professional challenges while examining issues that impact education.

Mary Hool is passionate about teaching and learning and is committed to helping teachers improve pedagogy and deepen their content knowledge in order to improve instruction and increase student achievement.