Mindy Province is an LSI Faculty Coach and is part of the Florida based team.  She has been working with students in a variety of areas for over twenty years and is passionate about supporting others to design and facilitate rigorous core instruction. Mindy earned a B.S in Elementary Education from West Virginia University and an M.Ed. in Technologies Enhanced Learning with a focus on Training and Development from Seton Hill University. While in the classroom, she was recognized as a high impact teacher by the State of Florida and worked at the state demonstration school for technology for several years.

She served as a clinical mentor and was part of various leadership initiatives within the school system. Mindy has diverse experience with varying populations and has experience with teaching multiple subjects throughout the years. She holds an active teaching certificate in Elementary Education, Middle and High School English along with other endorsements.

In addition to public education, she found many rewards while working with children on the Autism spectrum as she was as a Behavioral Specialist. With this role, she created and managed programs to support the special needs of students so they could positively integrate with peers in school and in their community.

In each placement, she thrived knowing that change and growth are possible for all, and this is just one reason she feels passionately about helping others through the coaching process. She believes all students deserve a chance to succeed in public education and knows they can through standards-based instruction and efficient practices. She is passionate about the LSI mission to support all students with rigorous core instruction while supporting their social and emotional needs and skills.