Our Research Partners

Learning Sciences International works with education’s top researchers, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges in our K-12 classrooms. Our common goal is to support educators to better support students and help build a stronger, better future for all.



CASEL is the nonprofit that founded the field of social and emotional learning (SEL). CASEL leads cutting-edge initiatives with educators, researchers, and policymakers to advance quality, evidence-based SEL. Learning Sciences International Applied Research Center is a research partner with CASEL and collaborating schools and districts to test, refine, and validate the CASEL-developed SEL walkthrough tool.

Dr. Dylan Wiliam

Learning Sciences International partners with Dr. Dylan Wiliam, world renowned author and researcher on formative assessment, through the LSI Dylan Wiliam Center. The partnership has been created to provide schools and districts with all the resources and support they need to effectively introduce, implement, and sustain classroom formative assessment—one of the most cost-effective ways to improve student achievement. As well as providing professional development programs, the Center offers online systems for the collection and analysis of classroom formative assessment implementation data, providing valuable metrics for teachers and leaders. The Center also brings together the nation’s top thought leaders in the field of assessment for conferences, and to produce insightful white papers that help move the field of education forward with sensible reform.


Dr. Ruth Wageman

LSI entered into a research partnership with Dr. Ruth Wageman, one of the foremost scholars and practitioners studying and working with teams, especially leadership teams. Dr. Wageman is one of the original researchers and creators of the Team Diagnostic Survey with Drs. Richard Hackman and Erin Lehman. Dr. Wageman’s current work focuses on building collaborative leadership capacity within and across organizations, studying and working with teams whose purpose is to solve complex problems and lead system transformation. Ruth has been a professor at Columbia, Dartmouth, and Harvard. Widely published in both academia and in the business press, Dr. Wageman wrote Senior Leadership Teams: What it Takes to Make them Great, (HBS Press) with Deb Nunes, Jim Burruss, and Richard Hackman, as well as many widely cited articles in Organization Science, Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Review and Journal of Organizational Behavior.