Academic Teaming Academy Virtual PD

Learn the Skills to Close Student Gaps – Anytime, Anywhere

High-Quality Online Professional Development through Flexible Self-Paced Modules with Physical Classroom Materials Included

What is Academic Teaming?

Academic teaming is a daily instructional process where students work in teams, collaborate, and peer coach while engaged in rigorous, standards-based tasks. Academic teaming has the power to close achievement gaps while improving social emotional learning simultaneously. Learn more about why academic teaming works and the benefits for students, teachers, and schools.

Go Beyond Group Work. Go Beyond the Norm.

Receive Physical Classroom Materials

Teachers receive 93 high quality physical materials for students and teachers worth a retail value of $270. See the list of materials here.

Learn with Flexible Modules

Learn in an easy-to-use online platform which provides access to 6 hours of professional learning that can be completed in any order. Complete the course in the suggested sequence or pick and choose based on your own preference.

Self-Monitor Progress

Keep track of progress in the course through incremental growth toward a badge. Earn an official certificate of completion when all modules are complete. The course can be accessed for up to 6 months.

Focus on Practical Content

Modules focus on implementation of the classroom materials. Teachers learn concrete strategies to form student-led academic teams, apply what they are learning to the classroom, and create lesson plans for team tasks.

Engage in Active Learning

Participants will take part in active reflection and learning. All videos and documents in the modules include opportunities for participants to process and apply their new learning.

Apply Learning to the Classroom

Teachers will finish the online course prepared for next-day implementation of academic teaming with their students. Concepts from the course can even be useful in online learning with students.

Why is the Online Course So Effective?

Ready-to-Use Physical Classroom Materials Ensure the Course Is Practical and Easily Implemented

Ready-to-use resources

Online Academic Teaming 101: Student-Led Team Basics

Teacher Resources

  • Agree/Disagree Cards
  • Role Cards
  • Summarizing Thinking

Student Resources

  • Forming Student Teams
  • 4 Steps
  • What if... Try This...

6 Modularized Sections to Learn the Practical Application of the Classroom Materials for Student-Led Team Basics

In Each Module:

  • Introduction video to the classroom materials
  • Microlearning opportunities focused on the practical application of teaming in the classroom
  • Printable workspace to reflect and apply your learning then upload as evidence of learning

Expert Training Videos Offer Practical Advice and Classroom Tips

Prepare to Close Gaps When Students Return After School Closures

How Can Academic Teaming Online Training Help?

After an extended period of time out of the classroom, it's likely many students will fall behind their classmates academically. Students may also return to school with deeper behavioral complexities. Because teachers will face unprecedented challenges when school resumes, effective professional development is more important than ever.

  • Now is the time to invest in learning skills to close gaps and becoming fluent in techniques to get better student results.
  • There will be a greater need than ever to create a rich learning environment where students will feel safe and focused—the course is designed around this goal.
  • The course provides tools to start lesson planning for rigorous standards-based tasks and get students engaged and back on track as soon as they return to school.
  • Some of the teaming concepts from the online course can be applied with students in online classrooms.
  • Participants can complete the course confident they've gained the skills to tackle challenges, accelerate learning, and rapidly raise student achievement.

Group of More Than 7?

Group sales of 7 or more participants will receive 3 customizable one-hour virtual coaching sessions with an LSI academic teaming expert.

The LSI expert can:

  • Help participants get started
  • Answer questions and deepen learning
  • Give feedback on lesson plans
  • Coach classroom implementation
  • Motivate and celebrate the group
  • Make connections between academic teaming and district initiatives
  • Discuss what leaders should expect to see in classrooms

Learning Goals to Take to Your School or District Leadership

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