Academic Teaming Classroom Resource Pack

Ready-To-Use Classroom Resources You Can Use Anytime, Anywhere

Keep Students On-Track and Engaged – Close Learning Gaps – Integrate SEL

Julie Lake

I am a happier teacher because I'm not doing all the work. Yes, I'm planning it, but my students are doing the work. I just love watching them grow and figure things out by themselves.

Julie Lake
Kindergarten Teacher

Teacher-Approved Resources for a Hands-on Learning Environment Centered on Academic Teaming

Academic Teaming is a unique daily instructional process where students work in teams, collaborate, and peer coach while engaged in rigorous, standards-based tasks.

  • Close opportunity gaps while improving social emotional learning simultaneously
  • Gain skills to accelerate learning, and rapidly raise student achievement
  • Get students engaged and back on track as soon as they return to school
  • Access tools to start lesson planning for rigorous standards-based tasks

Concerned about Covid-19? Academic Teaming can be applied to both onsite and online classrooms

Durable Student Resources that Quickly Establish Routines Work with Any Grade-level, Subject Area, and Curriculum

Academic Teaming Benefits Students

After an extended period of time out of the classroom, it's likely many students will fall behind their classmates academically. Invest in the strategies and skills students need to be good learners and prosperous adults.

These students materials quickly establish new classroom routines for students to:

  • Have meaningful academic conversations
  • Solve real-world problems
  • Persevere through challenging academic tasks
  • Take ownership of learning

The students are engaged in productive struggle, while working in collaborative teams, and also show ownership of learning.

Jill Gessling
Instructional Coach
Jill Gessling, Instructional Coach
Academic Teaming

Classroom Resources that will Encourage Engagement of Even the Most Reluctant Students

Ready-to-Use Classroom Materials

Classroom resources that can be used with any curriculum or grade level that enable students to learn strategies necessary for learning and life.

Children working together with an Academic Teaming kit

Next-Day Impact
for Students

See an immediate impact in your classroom the very next day as students use the resources.

Teachers taking part in an Academic Teaming PD day

Professional Learning
is Included

Flexible deliver of learning for onsite or self-paced online.

Easy-to-Use Resources That Support Both Students and Teachers

Ready-to-use Classroom Materials Included

The Class Resource Pack is filled with classroom materials for students and teams as well as How-to Guides for teachers.

The student materials are thick and laminated for durability. This allows students to use them daily to be more involved in the lesson and more interactive in discussions.

The teacher resources focus on supporting the teacher to implementation. The How-to guides enable teachers to initiate interactive learning strategies with students the very next day.

The Class Resource Pack is $299. That works out to less than $10 a student.

How Will We Learn to Use These Resources?

Our simple online or onsite training process is the quickest, easiest way to go from resources to action. Remember, there is no complex implementation or demanding learning curves.

  • Individuals up to 6 people get free access to online training
  • Groups of 7 or more have the option of free online or onsite training

With 20 years of experience in virtual and distance learning, LSI knows how to deliver all the benefits of in-person engagement at your own pace.

Teaming Success Stories

Mia, 3rd grade student

Because we all get to work together and if someone knows it in our group, but we don't, then they could help us and we could learn better.


3rd Grade Student

Tiffany Spencer, 4th grade teacher

They are happy to come to school and be here. The kids are more relaxed because they have the opportunity to share, collaborate, and talk.

Tiffany Spencer

4th Grade Teacher

Erica Eganhouse, instructional coach

It's the kids that are doing the work. That was such an amazing shift to see.

Erica Eganhouse

Instructional Coach

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