Support and Retain Teachers Through Adult SEL and PD

A customizable system for: reducing teacher stress and burnout with science-backed strategies

Don’t Lose Teachers to Stress,
Instead Reinforce Their Success

Before COVID-19, teachers were burning out at a rate of nearly half of new teachers leaving the profession within their first five years.¹ Educators who are experiencing high levels of stress and trauma instead, turn to LSI when they are looking for ways to manage their stress, regulate their emotions and learn the art of co-regulation for their teams and for students.

When teachers receive support from their leaders, they appreciate the investment in their emotional and mental well-being. As a result, teachers are more willing to drive state and district-mandated goals.



Camile Earle-Dennis, M.A.

KEY ROLES: Senior Content Specialist, SEL, Teacher, Literacy Coach, District Trainer, Curriculum Writer, National Mentor, Regional Instructional Coach, Leadership Advisor

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School improvement ideas on how to improve school culture and climate at low performing schools

“The tools that my school are using continue to have a positive impact every day in each classroom. I know that we would be lost and struggling without this support.”

– Philip Cottone, Assistant Principal, Tampa Heights Magnet Elementary

How We Work For You

In school after school, district after district, year after year, we’ve supported the professional development of everyone involved in education. It’s not a one-day course for us: it’s a matter of giving you the tools you can use tomorrow, the next day, and for years to come.


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Research Driven.

Backed by data, supported by proof. We know that a commitment to doing things the right way is never outdated. We evolve today so students can succeed tomorrow.

Flexible and adaptable.

No two schools or districts are alike. While there are common issues and shared goals, our instructors understand each teacher’s needs, so you can succeed in your context.

Measurable and reportable.

LSI goes deep on measuring impact. We offer measurement and actionable reporting to evaluate efficiency and clearly communicate to all of your stakeholders.


Customize Your School or District’s Teacher Support System

Managing stress starts with “Me” and becomes a reflection of “We.”

When teachers learn the 8 components of self-care that contribute to their sense of wellbeing during times of crisis, they can model effective classroom and school-wide behaviors that reduce stress and prevent burnout.

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