Invited Guests of Dr. Susan Brookhart

The Future of Assessment Practices:

Comprehensive and Balanced Assessment Systems

Invited Guests of Dr. Susan Brookhart

Most district assessment systems are neither comprehensive nor balanced. They're not providing meaningful, relevant, sufficient information to students and teachers. They're not helping educators elicit, gather, and interpret the evidence they need to make minute-to-minute decisions that, research shows, are key to improving learning. And grading practices are, in many cases, hindering rather than improving learning.

Jay McTighe, Rick Stiggins, Dylan Wiliam and I believe it's a moral imperative for school districts to move forward with a bold vision for the future of assessment. On March 26, we will be online to present our analysis, published in a new policy paper titled Comprehensive and Balanced Assessment Systems, and share specific recommendations for creating systems that:

  • Assess a wide array of valued learning outcomes—not just those that are easy to test
  • Improve student learning and document the learning for a variety of stakeholders
  • Measure learning not just for students, but also for classrooms, schools, and districts

I'm really looking forward to this press conference, and I'd be honored to have you in attendance as a listener. If you're interested, please register and Learning Sciences International will email you a link to attend. I hope to have you there.