“I genuinely believe I have never taught mathematics better, and my students have never learned more. I just wish I had known all of this twelve years ago…”- Craig Barton

Craig Barton has been a maths teacher since 2004, working at Range High School in Formby, and Thornleigh Salesian College in Bolton. Four years into his career, he was appointed as an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST), which was a role he very much loved enabling him to focus all his attention into teaching and learning, having the privilege to work with and learn from many students and teachers in a wide variety of schools. 

Since 2009, Barton has been the Secondary Maths Adviser to TES (formerly the Times Educational Supplement), the largest professional network of teachers in the world. The role involves curating and reviewing some of the amazing resources written by generous and talented maths teachers all over the world, as well as writing newsletters, building collections, and running @TESMaths Twitter

Since building mrbartonmaths.com in 2007, his website has been used by millions of teachers, students and parents across the world. Barton also launched my Mr Barton Maths Podcast in 2015, allowing him to talk to people from the world of education who interest and inspire me, including Dylan Wiliam, Doug Lemov, Daisy Christodoulou and Dan Meyer.

He is also co-creator of Diagnostic Questions, a free website hosting the world’s largest collection of high-quality maths diagnostic multiple choice questions, and Director of Education at Eedi, a company he co-founded that now owns Diagnostic Questions.

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