Embedding Formative Assessment Professional Development Online Program

Embedding Formative Assessment Professional Development Online Program

A Two-Year Professional Development Program for Schools and Colleges: Teacher Learning Communities in Action

Siobhán Leahy, Dylan Wiliam

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It’s never been easier or more cost-efficient to lead an engaging professional development workshop, training, or study group on the student learning improvement possible with the consistent use of formative assessment.

No known practice is more effective than classroom formative assessment for producing a significant positive impact on student achievement and long-term performance results for schools and districts. 

Designed around Dylan Wiliam and Siobhán Leahy’s best-selling book, Embedding Formative Assessment, Practical Techniques for K-12 Classrooms, this comprehensive multimedia program provides school leaders with a complete set of print and visual tools targeted at changing teacher practice including a variety of proven techniques for implementing formative assessment.

The program contains everything needed to hold a high-performance professional development day and 18 monthly follow-up workshops including:

  • Content-rich Year 1 features materials for nine monthly workshops, and supporting printable materials, as well as 6 informational presentations by Dylan Wiliam
  • Companion Year 2 features materials for nine monthly workshops and includes printable outlines, handouts, agendas, an evaluation form, video case studies and strategies in practice from various schools, and other materials for ongoing teacher learning community workshops. 
  • Bonus materials include a PDF version of Dylan Wiliam’s timeless publication Assessment for learning: why, what and how?, plus 12 video shorts of Dylan Wiliam’s “Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS)” presentation

This all-in-one program is indispensable for helping educators reform current instructional systems to:

  • Clarify, share, and understand learning intentions and success criteria
  • Engineer productive discussion and activities that elicit evidence of learning
  • Provide feedback that moves learners forward
  • Activate students as learning resources for each other
  • Motivate students to be owners of their own learning

Watch this video to learn more:

      Download a sample workshop     

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Students are no longer talking about numbers, levels and their specific target grade. They have an understanding about what they need to do specifically in terms of knowledge and/or skills. They do not have a ceiling on their achievement and through the use of formative assessment can fulfill their potential.

–Rich Gummery, Senior Assistant Headteacher, Smestow School

Our teacher community relationships have developed in the sense that they have created an honest, pragmatic and critical discourse between the members of staff. The teachers are being challenged and questioned on the real impact that the strategies are having on the progress of learners. This has led to staff becoming more self-evaluative of their teaching practice.

–Stuart Rawle, Assistant Headteacher, Longfield Academy of Sport

The data on our marking reviews show that over 90% of formative feedback is good or outstanding. Lesson evaluation at academy data has also shown that students’ progress over time has improved. This was born out by the recent progress 8 data for the academy which was the best in Northamptonshire.

–Nick Salisbury, Vice Principal, Sir Christopher Hatton Academy

When we asked what the best thing about our school was, our students said, ‘I think our school is better this year’ and when we asked why; ‘The lessons seem better structured… they help us because they know what it is we’re doing and how to help us.

–Angela Wallace, Assistant Vice Principal, Green Springs Academy