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"Becoming an authentic and effective literacy leader means recognizing and balancing how your time is spent, taking control of that time, and not drowning in the daily list of to-dos."

- Jacy Ippolito

Jacy Ippolito's research and teaching focus on the intersection of ado­lescent and disciplinary literacy, literacy coaching, teacher lead­ership, and school reform. He co-authored Cultivating Coaching Mindsets to help leaders and coaches promote the advancement of literacy instruction. 


Jacy Ippolito

Jacy Ippolito, Ed.D., is an associate professor and department chair of secondary and higher education in the School of Education at Salem State University, Salem, Massachusetts. Jacy's research, teaching, and consulting focus on the intersection of adolescent and disciplinary literacy, literacy coaching, teacher leadership, and school reform. His work can be found in many journals including the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, the Journal of School LeadershipProfessional Development in EducationThe Learning Professional, and The Elementary School Journal. His recent books include Unpacking Coaching Mindsets (2018), Investigating Disciplinary Literacy (2017), Cultivating Coaching Mindsets (2016), and Adolescent Literacy in the Era of the Common Core (2013). For a complete listing of Jacy’s work, please visit: https://www.visualcv.com/jacyippolito 

Ippolito completed his undergraduate degrees in English and psychology at the University of Delaware, before completing his master’s and doctorate in language and literacy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Prior to his work in higher education, he taught in the Cambridge Public Schools as a middle school read­ing specialist, literacy coach, and drama teacher. Thus began his professional interest in the roles, responsibilities, and impact of literacy leaders and coaches.


2018 Events

July 20-23: ILA 2018 Conference; “Institute 01: ILA 2018 Research Institute: Best Practices in the Teaching of Reading”; “What Does Social Capital Have to do with Literacy Coaching? (with Rita Bean)”; “ILA 2017 Standards: Preparing Effective Classroom Literacy Teachers (with Rita Bean and Diane Kern)”


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  1. Cultivating Coaching Mindsets

    An Action Guide for Literacy Leaders

    Rita M. Bean, Jacy Ippolito

    Paperback | 06/30/16

    Provides a detailed framework to help literacy leaders promote the advancement of literacy instruction. Learn More
  2. Unpacking Coaching Mindsets

    Collaboration Between Principals and Coaches

    Jacy Ippolito, Rita M. Bean

    Paperback | 06/15/18


    With notes directly from the authors, concrete recommendations for improvement and self-assessment, and reflection questions for both coaches and principals to get the conversation startedUnpacking Coaching Mindsets: Collaboration Between Coaches and Principals is the most practical reference guide for any literacy leader to pick up and begin using immediately.

    Learn More

2 Item(s)