“When teachers choose to make a difference in the lives of Hispanic/Latino students, they are increasing the chance of success for generations of learners.”- Jaime Castellano

Jaime A. Castellano, PhD, is a nationally recognized and award-winning principal, award-winning author, scholar, and researcher with four published books in the field of gifted education, one in the field of educating Hispanic/Latino students, and dozens of articles and chapters written for multiple publications. His 2011 book, Special Populations in Gifted Education: Understanding Our Most Able Students from Diverse Backgrounds was awarded the Legacy Award for Outstanding Scholarly Publication in Gifted Education.

Castellano is recognized as one of our nation’s leading authorities in the education of Hispanic/Latino students and in identifying and serving low-income, racially, culturally and linguistically diverse gifted students with particular expertise on identifying gifted Hispanic/Latino students, African American students, Native American students, gifted English language learners, students from poverty, and gifted preschoolers, ages 3-5.

With more than 30 years as an educator advocating for the educational rights of Hispanic/Latino students, he has served as a teacher of the gifted, assistant principal and principal supervising gifted education programs, district-level gifted education coordinator and director, and state department of education specialist/expert in the field.