“Our mission as teachers is to prepare students for the real world, so our classrooms should be reflections of the real world.”- Jennifer Cleary

Jennifer A. Cleary, MEd, earned her bachelor’s degree in business management from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and completed her education coursework at University of Pennsylvania before moving to Florida to begin her teaching career. After spending several years teaching primary and intermediate students, she earned her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. Cleary shifted her focus to elementary curriculum and instructional coaching support in the curriculum department at the district level. Her passion for education, curriculum, and student growth led her to LSI, where she worked in content development and product management. Through this work, Cleary has had the opportunity to work with educators throughout the country in the pursuit of high quality rigorous instruction that results in increased student achievement for all. She is currently Coordinator of Elementary STEM at the School District of Lancaster. She is co-author of Classroom Techniques for Creating Conditions for Rigorous Instruction (LSI Publishing: 2018).