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Michael D. Toth

Michael D. Toth


Michael D. Toth is founder and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Learning Officer of Learning Sciences International. Formerly the president of the National Center for the Profession of Teaching, a university faculty member, and director of research and development grants, Toth transformed his university research and development team into a company that is focused on leadership, teacher professional growth and instructional effectiveness correlated to student achievement gains.

Toth is actively involved in research and development, gives public presentations, and advises education leaders on issues of leadership and teacher effectiveness, school improvement, and professional development systems. He is the award-winning author of Who Moved My Standards? Joyful Teaching in an Age of Change and co-author of Teacher Evaluation That Makes a Difference: A New Model for Teacher Growth and Student Achievement with Robert J. Marzano, and the Essentials for Standards-Driven Classrooms: A Practical Instructional Model for Every Student to Achieve Rigor with Robert J. Marzano and Carla Moore.

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By Michael D. Toth


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  1. School Leadership for Results

    Shifting the Focus of Leader Evaluation

    Beverly Carbaugh, Robert J. Marzano, Michael D. Toth

    Paperback | 03/15/15

    Transform evaluation into a model that improves school leaders' performance, aligns their vision, mission, and goals, and connects goals with impactful practices Learn More
  2. SOAR Quick Reference Guide

    Michael D. Toth

    Quick reference guide | 05/07/16

    At-a-glance guide to the SOAR (Students' Opportunities to Achieve Rigor) Rubric. Learn More
  3. SOAR School-Year Theme Kit

    Michael D. Toth


    Multimedia kit to inspire and motivate staff throughout the school year Learn More
  4. Teacher Evaluation That Makes a Difference

    Robert J. Marzano, Michael D. Toth


    Learn a framework for the next generation of teacher evaluation: a model focused primarily on helping educators develop and improve their practice. Learn More
  5. The Essentials for Standards-Driven Classrooms

    A Practical Instructional Model for Every Student to Achieve Rigor

    Carla Moore, Michael D. Toth, Robert J. Marzano

    To reach true academic rigor, learners need high levels of both cognitive complexity and student autonomy. Moving them in this direction, however, requires teachers to become skilled at using research-based strategies to make the critical instructional shifts that deepen student learning. The Essentials for Achieving Rigor model of instruction and corresponding series of books were developed to help teachers provide that caliber of truly rigorous instruction. Learn More
  6. Who Moved My Standards Pack

    Michael D. Toth

    Multi-pack | 01/02/17

    A handy collection of the book and matching quick reference guide by Michael D. Toth Learn More
  7. Who Moved My Standards? Joyful Teaching in an Age of Change

    A SOAR-ing Tale

    Michael D. Toth

    Hardcover | 05/17/16

    A touching parable that inspires educators to tackle rigorous new standards with renewed confidence and enthusiasm Learn More

7 Item(s)