Deliberate Coaching

Deliberate Coaching

A Toolbox for Accelerating Teacher Performance

Paul Gavoni, Nicholas Weatherly

Deliberate Coaching is a toolbox of behavioral techniques for educators and leaders who are looking to move their coaching from haphazard to deliberate.


Availability: 02/01/2019

Paperback (192 pages)

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Forget the old concept of “behavior consequences” as either good or bad, othat rewards and reinforcement are the same thing. According to Gavoni and Weatherly, there is a much bigger picture we’re missing. Deliberate Coaching introduces the science of human behavior, or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This powerful technique is based in scientific research on learning and performance, and works within any field to accelerate achievement and performance for all outcomesCEOs of Fortune 500 companies have used it to realize fiscal growth and positive culture change, while school leaders have re-energized failing schools. Deliberate Coaching is a toolbox of behavioral techniques for educators and leaders who are looking to move their coaching from haphazard to deliberate. Leaders will understand: 

  • How teachers can efficiently improve instructional performance 

  • How to encourage children with disabilities to communicate 

  • How to achieve measurable goals in school improvement plans 

  • How to move from reactive to proactive leadership 

  • How to make significant impacts on the performance of teachers and students by starting small and working smart

Product Code: BPP180012
ISBN: 9781943920372 | 02/01/19
Publisher: LSI


"A must read for anyone leading or looking to lead in education. Changing the role of the leader to a coach changes the purpose of the role of leadership. As outlined in Deliberate Coaching, leaders learn how to use feedback and reflection to change the behaviors of the people they lead. A priceless resource!"

- Jennifer Hedeen, Former Principal at St Lucie County Schools

"Deliberate Coaching provides the perfect blend of theory and practice to help supports schools by guiding people toward achievement of their goals. The toolbox resources provide turnkey templates and models for school leaders to begin immediately implementing the wealth of valuable information provided within this book. This book belongs on the shelf of anyone looking to successfully implement change and improve performance within a school.

– Dr. Scott Neil, National Consultant, former Principal at St. Lucie Elementary

"As an educator for 35 years and an administrator for 28 years of those in Title I schools, I can emphatically say that Deliberate Coaching is right on target. The book has both powerful insight and practical implications that will help instructional leaders make the time, impact the instructional process through research, and most importantly help make our most important commodity, our students, successful.  After all, isn't that why we all got into the business of educating children!"

– Michael Hitsman, Former Principal at Fort Pierce Central High School

"As an educational leader, I crave systematic and logical processes when it comes to mentoring and coaching. I could not put this book down on my first read, as it fed my desire of understanding the science of behavior to properly guide colleagues towards success, for themselves, for their students and for our school."

– Virginia Mihajlovski, Instructional Coach and School Leader 

"In the book, Deliberate Coaching, Dr. Gavoni and Dr. Weatherly offer school leaders a precise and systematic way to build a school culture focused on growth and student achievement. In a time when school leadership can be challenging for so many different reasons, it is refreshing to find a resource that outlines a clear path to help leaders make a big impact in schools. As Dr. Edmonds mentions in the foreword, “luck favors the prepared mind." With so much at stake, leaders must be deliberate with their practice and this text delineates meticulous techniques to help educators realize the school’s vision. Educational research reveals the power of coaching; however, the formula for the best coaching process has been of great debate, until this book. And that formula is rooted in behavioral science through Deliberate Coaching!

– Dr. Kisha Bellande-Francis, Former Principal, National Educational Consultant, University Professor

"Deliberate Coaching: A Toolbox for Accelerating Teacher Performance concisely guides readers through the fractured state of our educational system and the powerful Science of Applied Behavior Analysis. These summations set the stage for how a science focused on human behavior can enhance the organizational operations of our educational system.  The book masterfully provides a system that empowers and guides educational leaders in the implementation and maintenance of highly effective leadership systems.  Deliberate Coaching is a must read for all school personnel, from district officials and school building leaders to teachers, and support staff.  Understanding, implementing and maintaining precise, purposeful and systematic coaching can ultimately affect school culture and perhaps most importantly student outcomes."

 – Dr. Bryan Davey, PhD, CEO Touchstone Health Services, President, Association of Professional Behavior Analysts

"I love the principles and practical examples illustrated in the book with real examples based on behavioral science. I'm particularly happy to see you embedded fluency measures to measure student and teacher competency since its shown to assist with generalization. Too many educational training programs do not even consider fluency and its such a critical factor.
My one suggestion for the content of your manuscript is to consider that these leadership and coaching strategies based on behavioral science actually can help schools adhere to maintaining students in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Furthermore, the financial savings for schools when students are maintained in LRE can be injected back into training programs such as yours and provide resources that allow for pay for performance contingencies."
– Brett DiNovi, CEO, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, DiNovi & Associates LLC