What Does This Look Like in the Classroom?

What Does This Look Like in the Classroom?

Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice

Carl Hendrick, Robin Macpherson

In What Does This Look Like in the Classroom?, Carl Hendrick and Robin Macpherson ask 18 of today's leading educational thinkers to distill the most up-to-date research into effective classroom practice in 10 of the most important areas of teaching.


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Dylan Wiliam Center Collection

“More research-based teaching” is the cure-all answer so many people give when asked how we can most effectively improve education today.

Every year thousands of research papers are published, some of which contradict each other. Schools that adopt and drop new reforms with every new research fad find themselves wasting resources and burning out. How can school leaders discern which trends are essential to school improvement? How can busy educators know which research is worth investing time in? What does the research look like in a real classroom, practiced by a real teacher?

In this thorough, enlightening, and comprehensive book, Carl Hendrick and Robin Macpherson ask 18 of today's leading educational thinkers to distill the most up-to-date research into effective classroom practice in 10 of the most important areas of teaching. Brought to an American audience for the first time, it’s an indispensable primer for every teacher and school leader who wants to practice  what good research says really works. Contributors:


  • Assessment, Grading and Feedback: Dylan Wiliam & Daisy Christodoulou
  • Behavior: Tom Bennett & Jill Berry;
  • Classroom Talk and Questioning: Martin Robinson & Doug Lemov
  • Learning Myths: David Didau & Pedro de Bruyckere
  • Motivation: Nick Rose & Lucy Crehan
  • Psychology and Memory: Paul Kirschner & Yana Weinstein
  • Special Educational Needs: Jarlath O Brien & Maggie Snowling
  • Technology: Jose Picardo & Neelam Parmar
  • Reading and Literacy: Alex Quigley & Dianne Murphy
Product Code: BPP190008
ISBN: 9781943920716 | 04/30/19
Publisher: LSI


“Teachers are eager to use education research, but no one wants to wade through dense academic prose. Happily, this book takes a different approach and provides the ‘human voice’ of leading education thinkers on key issues, and shares their insights in ways that teachers will find relevant to their practice.”

– Benjamin Riley, executive director of Deans for Impact

“The pairings of interviewees are brilliant and, through answering teachers’ questions in a discursive style, each chapter provides a fascinating insight that is often absent from formal papers. Wiliam and Christodoulou, Lemov and Robinson, Weinstein and Kirschner and all the others explore the territory of their expert fields in a way that will encourage all teachers and schools leaders at every career stage to engage with contemporary research and reflect on their own practice at a deep level. A great idea, executed brilliantly.”

– Tom Sherrington, author, consultant, trainer, former Principal

“If you are a teacher or school leader, imagine having the opportunity to ask questions about what could work in your classroom, to some leading researchers and practitioners, based on their critical engagement with research? Carl and Robin have pulled all that together for you in one book. Engagement with research and evidence is the only thing that can protect teachers from fads and trends, the myths of education. This book demonstrates how you can do that, and reduce your workload at the same time.”

– George Gilchrist, board member, Scottish Parent Teacher Council, former Principal 4

“I read a great many education books. I love the ones that ask the right questions to make me think and challenge my own views. BINGO! Without doubt this book focuses on the questions that we all need to answer; anyone that can influence practice in their school must read this. Quite simply this book will be a big driver to improving my school and I will never become a victim of the Abilene paradox again.”

– Vic Goddard, Principal of Passmores Academy

“This book is marvelous. It’s all too easy for those of us fascinated by thinking, emotion, and motivation to get caught up in lovely theories about these processes. What Does It Look Like in the Classroom? brings us back to reality to focus on the classroom utility of education research, and offers practical applications for teachers and administrators.”

– Daniel T. Willingham, University of Virginia