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"We can no longer be servants of what is or what was; what we can do is work as partners in learning with students to help them discover and determine for themselves what might be and what and whom they might become."

- Ron Nash

Ron Nash served as Middle School Social Studies Coordinator for the Virginia Beach City Public Schools from 1994 to 1998, when he moved to Organizational Development for the same district. Retiring in 2007, Nash formed Ron Nash and Associates, Inc., a company dedicated to continuous improvement in schools and classrooms.


Ron Nash

Ron Nash is a graduate of Clarion State College, now Clarion University, in Clarion, Pennsylvania, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in education and master's degree in History. As a social studies teacher, Nash taught grades 7 through 12 in Pennsylvania and Virginia. He served as Middle School Social Studies Coordinator for the Virginia Beach City Public Schools from 1994 to 1998, when he moved to Organizational Development for the same district. Retiring in 2007, Nash formed Ron Nash and Associates, Inc., a company dedicated to continuous improvement in schools and classrooms.

Since 1994, Nash has presented at ASCD, Learning Forward, Eric Jensen’s Learning Brain Expo, and the NBPTS Conference. He has presented at dozens of state and regional conferences over the past 23 years.

Nash is the author of several books, including two bestsellers, The Active Classroom and From Seatwork to Feetwork, both in second editions. Other titles include The Power of We, And What About You?, In Praise of Foibles, The Active Teacher, The Active Classroom Field Book, The Active Workshop, The Active Mentor, Harness the Power of Reflection, Shake-Up Call, and Collaborative School Leadership, with Kathy Hwang.

Ron lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with his wife Candy and their two cats, Callie and Gracie.

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"The day I spent in Ron Nash's seminar in 2009 is one that changed my teaching career and helped me be the teacher I've always wanted to be. After 21 years as an educator, the strategies I learned from Ron transformed my instructional methods and energized my students into being excited, active learners."
     Kathy Galford, Virginia's 2013 Teacher of the Year
"You Sir, get it! It wasn’t this is how it should be done; it was here are ideas, use them, adjust them, throw them out, make your own...just keep trying to get better and better!"
     Joan Laird (Virginia Middle School Teacher)
"I thoroughly enjoyed my day! It’s not even 2pm and I have already tried some of the great ideas I learned from you! Thank you for the wonderful experience!"
     Janice Clifton, Virginia Elementary Teacher
"As one of my colleagues stated about your professional development offering to us, 'Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!"
     Linda Emerick, Delaware HS Teacher
"Attending Ron Nash's workshop changed my whole style of teaching. The tools I gained have rekindled my love for teaching and my students' love of learning."
     Amber O'Malley, Texas ES Teacher
"You really are an awesome educator!"
     Janice Carter, Virginia MS Teacher
"Your three-hour presentation was fabulous! When teachers give a standing ovation, this is the kind of program that will impact their daily teaching repertoire."
     Patsy Slaughter, Virginia Principal
"It was fabulous!!! Thank you for such a relevant and useable presentation. I wish the entire two-day conference had been with you!"
     Elaine McCombs, Alabama Elementary Teacher
"Ron breaks the general ideas about an inservice. He was energetic and best of all – the information was useful and full of best practices. Amazing is the only word to describe him!"
     Beth Guthrie Newport News Kindergarten Teacher
"There aren't many valid reasons for waking up early on a Saturday, but your workshop today was well worth it!"
     Colleen Crist, Portsmouth, Virginia, Teacher
"You are the teacher that every learner needs!"
     Mary W. Dick, Henrico County High School Teacher
"This day reminded me why I became and love being a teacher."
     Juli Weatherby, Chesapeake Teacher
"My philosophy of facilitating a student's academic growth through active engagement mimics yours. So, I LOVED your hands-on workshop sessions. The strategies you presented were awesome and the best part ... they are easy to implement!"
     Janet Slaughter, PhD Title I Resource Specialist, Alabama
"Please know how much I appreciate the energy and wealth of information you brought to our staff. I continue to get daily affirmation that you provided the most meaningful, engaging staff development they have had in years."
    Debbie Arco, Virginia Middle School Principal
"I was blown away at the conference and can't wait for the new school year to start so I can try all of the new ideas I received!"
    Audra Bounds, Frederick County, VA, Teacher
"This was the best workshop I have EVER attended!"
    Dawn Carter, Augusta County (Virginia) Teacher
"After teaching for 16 years, I was looking for inspiration and I found it. I'm excited to incorporate the innovative strategies Ron shared with me. The best part is the strategies are completely practical and doable."
     Joanne Jimney, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"An absolutely useful and exciting workshop! Time with Ron goes so quickly because of his energy, enthusiasm, and modeling of his strategies! Recommended for all teachers!"
     Colleen Leary, Chesapeake Principal
"I was at a place where my apple basket was quickly becoming empty and I needed a recharge as a teacher. This inservice 'relit' my fire and reminded me why I became a teacher in the first place! BRAVO!"
     Lisa Roy, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"Great workshop – wonderful to have an educator know the value and use of music for "regular" ed." 
     Bonnie Carlson Newport News K-5 Music Teacher>
"Ron is fantastic… Our entire school system should be involved with his workshop!"
     Sue Bowser, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"Oh my gosh! This was the best workshop I have attended in my five years of teaching! All Newport News teachers should have the opportunity to take this workshop!" 
     Newport News Teacher
"As a first year teacher this training has opened my eyes to the ways I can avoid being exhausted at the end of the day while increasing student interest in learning that leads to student ownership of the learning process."
     Brenda Edmonson, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"I can't wait to get back into my classroom to utilize these strategies and ENERGIZE my students! This workshop was just what I needed for a fresh start after 18 years of teaching!" 
     Kathy Galford, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"Needs to be a part of every school's inservice program." 
     Vicki Mayfield, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"The best workshop I've ever been in!" 
     Regina – 25 year veteran
"I loved this workshop! Keep up the great work!"
     Valerie Singleton, Warwick High School Teacher
"Ron's class has turned on the light bulb for me. I can't wait to use these new strategies with my 3rd graders."
     Veronica Webster, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"In 13 years of teaching, I don't think I've ever enjoyed a presentation as much as yours.  I learned valuable strategies that I could bring back and implement in my classroom today, as well as information to share with other teachers in my building."
     Sonia Freeman, Middle School Teacher, Prince William County, VA
"Ron’s class energized me and I know these techniques will energize students."
     Margie Vaughan, Chesapeake Teacher
"As a teacher of students with severe and moderate disabilities, I can implement many of these strategies in my classroom."
     Lucy Hoessly, Chesapeake Teacher
"Ron Nash is a master presenter… you can expect high energy and superior delivery, with useful, tailored content. He's very strong with audience motivation. Ron incorporates the right pacing with effective audio-visual utilization every time. I can't recommend him highly enough!"
      Mike Maloney, Virginia Beach Principal
"I attended your seminar last Saturday and I must say this week has been great!  Believe it or not, I wish the week was longer because the students are having fun."
     Tracy Carini, Chesapeake Middle School Teacher
"Definitely one of the best workshops I’ve been to in my teaching career 
(30 years)."
      Yvonne Rogers, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"It is hard to put into words how much I enjoyed and learned in the two short nights at your workshop.  You gave me a new energy for teaching my students and trying the wonderful ideas you shared.  I hope you will keep doing what you do because teachers need to be reminded that all students are precious. I have loved trying the new ideas with my students."
    Roselyn Watson, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"Once again, thank you so very much for all of the ideas and a fantastic and motivating workshop.  I brought a few other teachers with me this time and we have been so busy brainstorming for our new students.  We are all inspired and excited about the year ahead!! As we talked about the workshop, we realized that for 2 days we did not hear one negative comment!"
    Sue Leonard, Virginia Beach Teacher
"I never enjoyed staff development more!"
    Rusty Massingill, Mecklenburg Schools (Virginia)
"Thank you! I will never think of teaching the same way again. You have inspired me with many new tools for the classroom."
      Erin Olsen, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"Awesome! Thank you for the inspiration – I can’t wait to get back to my classroom and use what I have learned!"
      Lisa Lohr, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"For all those techniques I have been tempted to try but never implemented, Ron's instruction and modeling will serve as a catalyst."
     Steve Galford, Chesapeake (Virginia) Teacher
"Thanks for the fabulous workshop--it was great!" 
     Stephanie Meister, Loudoun County (Virginia) Elementary Teacher


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