“”The inclusive classroom cannot be approached with a cookie cutter mentality; specific student populations each require a different set of strategies.”- Toby J. Karten

Toby Karten is an experienced staff developer, instructional coach, educational consultant, author, adjunct professor, and inclusion specialist who has taught from preschool to graduate level. She designed online courses and professional development units for pre-service and practicing educators and related staff in school districts across the country. As a speaker and inclusion coach, Karten has collaborated with administrators, staff, students, and their families at local, national, and international school sites. She has been recognized by the Council for Exceptional Children and the New Jersey Department of Education as an exemplary educator, receiving two “Teacher of the Year” awards.

Throughout her professional career, Karten has helped staff translate research into practical applications for PreK-12 classrooms. Her first publication, Inclusion Strategies That Work! Research-Based Methods for the Classroom, is an international bestseller now in its third edition.

Karten received an honorary doctorate from Gratz College for her extensive work in the field of special education since 1975. Her ongoing professional goal is to collaborate with school staff to help them effectively deliver the curriculum standards to students within their least restrictive environments, looking at inclusive placements as viable first options.