“Teachers – let me join the many parents and students who, I’m sure, have told you in the past: Thanks for what you do! You are making a difference!”- William N. Bender

William N. Bender, PhD, is a national leader on the general topic of instructional tactics for the classroom, with special interests in discipline, project-based learning, technology in the classroom, differentiated instruction, and response to intervention. He is an award-winning author and has written 26 books in education, many of which are leading sellers in their respective topics.

He currently presents numerous workshops each year for educators around the country and in Canada. His focus is always on practical strategies and tactics that work in real classrooms, and his work is firmly based on his experience teaching public school special needs students in eighth and ninth grade. After earning his PhD from the University of North Carolina, he taught educators at Rutgers University and the University of Georgia.