Overcome Lost Learning with Instructional Leadership to Help Teachers

A customizable system for: leadership growth that supports teachers to effectively instruct

Principals and Leaders Can Provide Teachers With Non-Evaluative Feedback and Support

Inform your teachers so they can make data-driven decisions about their students’ academic readiness and appropriately respond to lost learning.

LSI provides highly customized solutions for leaders faced with guiding schools and districts to meet their goals. And we do it with research-affirmed strategies to ensure leaders, teachers, and students all have exceptional experiences.

Teachers don’t need to be working in overdrive, they need support from their leaders who can drive learning forward.


Penny Sell, M.Ed

KEY ROLES: Executive Director, Leadership Development and Model Schools in ARC – Schools for Rigor, Teacher, School/District-level Administrator, Assistant Principal, Trainer, Leadership Coach, Consultant

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Educator Peer Coaching

“Working with LSI to incorporate 16 conditions of professional development along with a separate list of options for additional PD through LSI, we decided that that model would be more effective for teams because they could learn about themselves. Where I see they’re starting to make more of a connection is when LSI delivers this content and shows them examples, it almost sort of leads them into making those observations directly in the classroom.”

– Mick Roy, Executive Director – Greater Sebago Education Alliance Regional Service Center, Portland, Maine

How We Work For You

In school after school, district after district, year after year, we’ve supported the professional development of everyone involved in education. It’s not a one-day course for us: it’s a matter of giving you the tools you can use tomorrow, the next day, and for years to come.


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Research Driven.

Backed by data, supported by proof. We know that a commitment to doing things the right way is never outdated. We evolve today so students can succeed tomorrow.

Flexible and adaptable.

No two schools or districts are alike. While there are common issues and shared goals, our instructors understand each teacher’s needs, so you can succeed in your context.

Measurable and reportable.

LSI goes deep on measuring impact. We offer measurement and actionable reporting to evaluate efficiency and clearly communicate to all of your stakeholders.

Customize Your School or District’s Leadership Development System

Identify the missing elements in your core instruction and be able to provide specific feedback to your teachers. This will ensure consistency and effectiveness in instruction from classroom to classroom.
You have heroically kept kids safe, but you don’t need to be a “hero leader” when you can build high-performing teams instead.

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