Dylan Wiliam: Teacher Learning is Every Leader’s Priority


LSI author Dylan Wiliam sits down with Ollie Lovell of ERRR (Education Research Reading Room) to discuss his book Leadership for Teacher Learning. Dylan Wiliam is author of the best-selling book Embedding Formative Assessment, and his newest book Creating the Schools Our Children Need: Why What We’re Doing Right Now Won’t Help Much And What We Can Do Instead.

In today’s episode we’re speaking to Dylan Wiliam. Dylan is an absolute legend in the world of education and has always had an acute focus on teacher professional development and especially formative assessment. He consults with governments and school systems around the world in order to improve learning outcomes for students. Documentaries have been made that highlight his work with schools and he has authored a whole host of excellent books. His book Embedded formative Assessment is a fantastic resource for teachers, Embedding formative assessment is a wonderful book for department heads, Leadership for Teacher Learning, the book we discuss in this interview, is wonderful reading for any school leader, and ‘Creating the schools our children need is necessary reading for anyone looking at educational change at a systems level.

To listen to the entire discussion, visit the Dylan Wiliam Center website