New Podcast: Dr Paulie “Gloves” talks about his new book “Deliberate Coaches”

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New LSI author Paul Gavoni (or how his fans know him, Dr. Paulie Gloves) sits down with The JB Podcast to discuss his new book Deliberate Coaching: A Toolbox for Accelerating Teacher Performance.

An expert in human performance, coaching, and organizational leadership, Dr. Paul “Paulie” Gavoni has worked in education and human services for 20 years.  Currently the Director of School Improvement for Positive Behavior Supports Corp., he has served in a variety of positions including COO, Leadership Director, Assistant Principal, School Turnaround Manager, Clinical Coordinator, Therapist, Behavior Analyst, and Adjunct Professor at IRSC, FAU, and NSU.

More about the book

Forget the old concept of “behavior consequences” as either good or bad, othat rewards and reinforcement are the same thing. According to Gavoni and Weatherly, there is a much bigger picture we’re missing. Deliberate Coaching introduces the science of human behavior, or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This powerful technique is based in scientific research on learning and performance, and works within any field to accelerate achievement and performance for all outcomesCEOs of Fortune 500 companies have used it to realize fiscal growth and positive culture change, while school leaders have re-energized failing schools. Deliberate Coaching is a toolbox of behavioral techniques for educators and leaders who are looking to move their coaching from haphazard to deliberate. 

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